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BearBoard Lumber

User Interface, Web Development

Project Abstract

BearBoard Lumber is a commercial plastic lumber manufacturer. They had an outdated web presence that needed a refresh.

The Challenge

eTecc / Interactive provided a content managed website solution for BearBoard Lumber.

The Product

Visit BearBoard:

Color System
  • Capri Blue
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  • White
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commercial Plastic Lumber

BearBoard provides customers with durable alternatives to traditional wood and wood-composite products. Their new website needed to reflect this commitment, while communicating the numerous commercial applications BearBoard supports.

BearBoard Tough

From resources on expansion and contractions, to ICC Testing and Evaluation Results, the new BearBoard website needed to support a variety of critical content.


Planning the

We mapped all of the existing content from the original BearBoard website and worked with the stakeholders to redefine the flow of information, messaging and calls to action. From commercial applications to customer service, the new website content was full re-imagined


Wire frames and content maps drove the development and planning process from start to finish. Preparation ensured rapid developement.

Define once and execute. Strategy before design.

The Design
& Development

We made it easy for customers to discover how BearBoard has an application that suits their needs.

Quote Request
Bearboard Responsive
Bearboard Responsive
Bearboard Responsive

The software

A combination of technologies were used to compose the BearBoard website project. We leveraged Laravel™ to produce a sample requests management tool for the client. The CMS powering the site is Wordpress, built on the Elementor interface builder - providing layout and design flexibility for the client.

Laravel VueJs Wordpress